Current turnaround time for glitter tumblers is 3-4 weeks • Buy now pay later with Shop Pay


Can I change my cup design after I placed my order?

All cup details should be confirmed during the order process. This includes cup size, glitter colors, decal fonts + colors, & etc.
You cannot make any changes or cancellations to your order once it has been placed. No exceptions.

Can you send me a picture how my custom tumbler will look?

Due to the extensive amount of cups we work on daily we cannot provide mock-ups or offer progress pictures. 

Can I order a different tumbler brand or size than the options offered in the listing? 

Yes, please message us with your desired brand & size and we would be happy to let you know if we are able to accommodate your request. 

Why does it take so long for my tumbler to be shipped? 

We work on a large number of tumblers every week so we're constantly busy. We always make sure each cup gets the individual attention it needs we make sure the cup is in 100% perfect condition & up to our standards before you receive it. Our process takes a long time but it also ensures we're sending out the best products to our customers. Attention to detail, glitter process, & epoxy cure time is very important to us and we want to ensure each customer gets the perfect item.  

Do you have a list of available glitter colors?

Yes! We have over 350+ glitter colors & we're always ordering new glitter. Although it's hard to showcase all of our glitter colors we do ask if you want a specific color please send a picture of your desired color & we can get it for you.

Do you offer chrome & holographic vinyl? 

Yes! Every cup listing has the newly updated vinyl color chart. Please know that there may be tiny micro bubbles over the chrome & holographic colors. These bubbles naturally occur & are  not visible to the eye. If this is an issue with you we highly recommend purchasing a cup with a black or white decal.  

What kind of tumblers do you use?

We use blank tumblers from a reputable supplier.
YETI brand cups are ordered directly from their site & come with authentic packaging + serial numbers. A copy of all serial numbers & packaging receipts are kept for bookkeeping.

Are the tumblers dishwasher safe?

No glitter tumblers are not dishwasher or microwave safe. All tumblers should be hand washed & towel dry only. Do not use harsh abrasive. Please follow the care instructions that come with your order.

Do you offer a bulk discount on bulk orders?

Yes all cups must be shipped to the same address & paid for on the same invoice / listing. Please send a email to place a custom bulk order

Can I send you my tumbler to be decorated?

Unfortunately we do not allow customers to supply their own cups, we prefer to work with the tumblers we provide.

Will the glitter come off my tumbler?

No all tumblers are sealed in epoxy to seal everything & give a glass like high gloss finish. Please keep in mind that these tumblers are not indestructible! If your tumbler is not cared for properly this will result in your tumbler not lasting. Please refer to the tumbler care card that comes with every tumbler purchase.

Can I refund or exchange my tumbler or cancel my order once it's been placed?

No. Due to the custom nature of my business I do not offer refunds, returns, or order cancellations. All sales are final.

Restocking fee will apply: 

If you request a cancelation after your order has been confirmed. Your order will be canceled and a restocking fee will be deducted from your full refund amount.
If you order is missing important information such as decal info. and etc. We will reach out via the email address you provided at checkout and ask for you to update your personalization request. After two attempts with no response we will cancel and partially refund your order with the restocking fee deducted form your total refund.
If at any time you seem unsure about your order or request changes to your order after it has been confirmed your order will be canceled and partially refunded with the restocking fee deducted from your total refund.

My tumbler came to me damaged what should I do? 

The first thing you need to do is take pictures of the cup & the box showing where the damage is & what part of the cup is damaged. Once you have the pictures send them to us via email at . Pictures of the cup & all original packing material is very critical in order to file a claim with USPS & for it to get approved. Glitterally Obsessed will start the claim for you & if your claim is approved we will start on a replacement tumbler. You will have to send the original tumbler back to us to receive a new replacement cup. If you refuse to send the damage cup back to us you will NOT get a replacement tumbler. You must write return to sender on the damage tumbler box with all contents that came in the box & send it back before we move forward with sending a replacement cup. 

I didn't follow the tumbler care instructions & now my tumbler is damaged. What happens now?

Every tumbler should be treated with care but if by chance if it is damaged, the customer is responsible for their tumbler once it has been delivered. Glitterally Obsessed is not responsible for any damaged that is done once your package has been shipped off. Once you damage your tumbler you will have to purchase another one. We do not strip or remake damaged tumblers. 

Shipping Policy 

You have the option to choose from regular priority shipping or add the signature confirmation listing with your purchase a an upgrade. This is a extra security step to ensure your package doesn’t get left on your porch to potentially get stolen. If you choose to add signature confirmation to your order you must sign for your package at the time of delivery. If you are not home at the time of delivery your package will be taken back to your local post office for you to pick up. It is the customers responsibility to take all necessary actions such as: calling their local post office to have the package delivered on a different date, scheduling a time to pick up the package from their local post office, or requesting that the packaged be delivered on a day that the customer will be at home to sign for the package. Glitterally Obsessed is not responsible for packages that have not been picked up from the post office or packages that have been left for 30+ days at the post office due to the customer not making the proper arrangements for the package to be picked up or redelivered on a different day. If your package is sent back to us you will not receive a refund. 

Terms & Conditions 

All items will be completed in the timeframe stated in the listing description on our website.  Glitterally Obsessed reserves the right to decline, cancel, or refund orders due to business or professional reasons. If at any time the customer becomes indecisive and starts to message us continuously about their order, try to modify or alter their order after the order has been confirmed, or the customer questions our process and policies and become disrespectful their order will be cancelled and partially refunded. There will be a 45% restocking fee deducted from the total refund amount for our time and all supplies purchased and used on their order. Glitterally Obsessed reserves the right to block, ignore, & report messages or any communication from anyone who isn't allowed to purchase from the comapny. Glitterally Obsessed will communicate via email or social media with the customer for any custom order request. The customer must pay their invoice or reserved listing within 24 hours to secure their spot in the queue. Glitterally Obsessed will send a reminder email to notify the customer of their outstanding invoice or reserved listing. If the second invoice or reserved listing is not paid Glitterally Obsessed will terminate the customer due to nonpayment. All prices are subject to change due to add-ons, specialty design orders, special requests, custom orders, specialty glitter, & etc. A invoice will be sent for any additional money needed to complete the customers custom request.  Glitterally Obsessed is not responsible for misspelled name decals typed by the customer, monogram decals that are placed in the wrong order due to the customer not filling out the correct monogram order, wrong decal color selection made by the customer, or wrong decal font or decal placement due to the customers error. Glitterally Obsessed does not send decal mock up previews so the customer can see the decal before they receive their order. All decals will be placed during the design process without the customers approval.  Glitterally Obsessed is not responsible for any products we sell being damaged by the customer after the package is received. All tumblers and other items have before send off pictures taken before shipment to show that each item was in perfect condition before it mailing. Glitterally Obsessed is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced packages due to incorrect shipping information entered by the customer. Glitterally Obsessed is not responsible for any items that are damaged, lost in transit, or delayed due to the shipping carrier or weather related issues. Once your package has been sent off & tracking number(s) has been sent via email we are no longer responsible for your package. All shipping damages can have a claimed filed & will be approved or denied via the shipping provider. Please make sure to keep all original packaging & take pictures of the damage to help ensure that you will have an approved claim to be refunded for the damages. Glitterally Obsessed has no control if your claim is denied by the shipping carrier. The customer will have to contact the shipping company for all reasoning why the claim wasn't approved. Glitterally Obsessed reserves all rights to post pictures & videos of any & all items sold by us on all social media accounts. By paying for you order you agree to all the terms above and acknowledge and fully understand we do not offer exchanges, cancellations, refunds, or returns. All sales are final.