Collection: Rhinestone Tumblers

✨ Every Glitterally Obsessed rhinestone tumbler is designed by hand & embellished it perfection! Each stone is delicately placed on top of the strongest glue that will hold the rhinestones in place. Each rhinestone tumbler will have numerous sizes of high quality glass rhinestones to give your rhinestone tumbler the perfect sparkle! All tumblers come with a lid, reusable straw, care instructions, & a complimentary gift! Have a certain design you’re looking for? Custom orders are always welcome! 

❌ Cancellations / Returns / Exchanges: Due to the custom nature of my business all items are custom & made to order. I will not accept cancellations, returns, exchanges, or offer refunds.

🔄 Turnaround Time: Typical turnaround time for a rhinestone tumbler is 3-4 weeks. Turnaround time varies from month to month & always peak during the holidays, so please check the announcement banner or send a message on social media or email us for all questions  

📦 Standard shipping is 2-4 business days through USPS. All packages come with priority shipping & insurance.

📬 Shipping: You now have the option to add signature confirmation to your order for an additional fee. Please be aware that Glitterally Obsessed does not accept returns, cancellations, exchanges, or offer refunds. Glitterally Obsessed is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, lost in transit, or misplaced packages due to incorrect shipping information entered by the customer. Once Glitterally Obsessed sends your package off we are no longer held responsible. I highly suggest that all customers add the signature confirmation upgrade to their order to make the shipping process smooth & worry free.

⚠️ Please make sure that your shipping address is up to date & current prior to placing your order.

🗒 Rhinestone Tumbler Care 

▪️ Hand wash only

▪️ Towel dry

▪️ Not microwave or dishwasher safe

▪️ Avoid extreme heat

▪️ Keep away from extreme temperatures

▪️ Do not soak

▪️ Do not drop or toss - handle with care

▪️ Do not use hard abrasives

✨ Rhinestone tumblers should be treated like glass. They are not crack proof and should be treated & handled carefully. Glitterally Obsessed cannot not be held responsible for any damages caused by the customer. Please handle and treat your tumbler with care to ensure it will last a very long time.